- Alcohol by Volume %
IBU - International Bittering Units
SRM Standard Reference Measure (The color of the finished beer)



Liberty Blonde

The lightest offering at Timber Creek. This golden ale is still full of flavor but smooth, easy drinking, with Lager characteristics. American malts are combined with Liberty hops to produce a light, refreshing, crisp brew.

Malts: 2 Row, Pilsen, Light Crystal   Hops: Liberty

ABV: 5%   |   IBU: 16     SRM: 3


Black Bear

A substantial and complex grain bill make up this full bodied, Robust Porter. Chocolate and Coffee notes and bittered with UK East Kent Golding Hops. Rich and bold at the same time; treat this Bear with respect.

Malts: 2 Row, Munich, Crystal   Hops: East Kent Goldings

ABV: 6%   |   IBU: 37     SRM: 32


Fully Loaded IPA

A big, aggresively hopped, West Coast style India Pale Ale. Over 7 varieties of hops are used to hop burst this “in your face”  IPA. We promise huge amounts of Fresh Squeezed hop aroma and flavor in every pint.

Malts: 2 Row, Crystal, Dextrapils   Hops: Blend of American and Australian

ABV: 7.5%   |   IBU: 93     SRM: 8.5


Werkzeug Stadt

A traditional German Dortmunder, brewed with German Pilsner malt and 3 varieties of German hops. A good balance of malt and hop flavor;this crisp lager is extremely drinkable and satisfying.

Malts: German Pilsen, Vienna   Hops: Blend of 3 German

ABV: 5.5%   |   IBU: 24     SRM: 5


Meadville Monk Tap

A rotating tap of authentic Belgian beers. Depending on the season and what we’re feeling like, you can always stop in and know we’ll have a  traditional Belgian style brew waiting for you.